Under one-roof infrastructure for end-to-end solutions to customers

Metal Casting

With complete in-house infrastructure to manufacture non-ferrous alloys metal casting, we cater to any complex requirement from 5 to 200 numbers in a batch.


Complete design software features powerful capabilities in solid modeling of components, assembly modeling, sheet metal design, freeform modeling, and convergent modeling.

Pattern & die

Manufacturing of the pattern and die by referring to the CAD model provided by the mold designer. CAM programming is done using Unigraphics CAM.

Sand Mould Production

Produce quality cores or molds using just enough binder to obtain the desired casting results at the lowest possible cost. Automatic continuous operations enable higher productivity and consistent quality molds and cores.

Metal Melting

Faster melt with uniform temperature distribution with electric resistance furnace. Degassing, grain refinement, and nucleation is done to improve the melt quality.

Heat treatment – T6

With controlled heating in specified time followed by water quenching is achieved fully automatically with solution heat treatment furnace.

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Precision machining with tight tolerances to acheive the best fit assembly for various engineering purpose is enabled with state-or-art machining facility.


CNC vertical machining center from the LMW for manufacturing the parts with high accuracy, repeatability and consistancy.


CNC vertical machining center from the LMW for manufacturing the parts with high accuracy, repeatability and consistancy.

WorkNC – CAM

With 3 axis and multi-axis CAM programming capabilities, we are manufacturing the parts from solid billet materials, die and tools.

Milling Machine

General purpose milling machine helps in creating stock and  raw material with rough near netshape material cost effectively.

Tool presetter

With the help of tool presetter, every tools being preset before employed for the metal cutting, ensuring high quality machining.

Quality Assurance

With complete range of inspection facilities, every part being produced undergo the required inspection to ensure conformance with required specification.

Zeiss ConturaG2 CMM

Reliable, high precision and repeatable measurement ensure all the parts are within the specified tolerances

2D Height Gauge

It offers expanded measuring possibilities with a very high level of user comfort. Thus the measurements in 2 coordinates, thus is accurate


In-process metal chemical composition control with real-time testing results ensures every melt is in sync with the customer specification.

Hardness Tester

With hardness testing, the final quality of the part is established to verify the mechanical properties are matching the requirement.

Surface plate

With a large surface plate size 600 X 500 mm, the inspection process is ensured to be in stable and consistant.



We have handpicked vendor partners with aligned vision of quality, cost and delivery. Hybrid outsourcing with critical processes executed in-house and rest processes executed under vigilant of our rich experienced professional sourcing team.

Vendor partners


Ferrous Casting

Additive Manufacturing

Special processes

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